µ-X360 Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer

Added new model ‘μ-X360s’ that is the world’s lightest and smallest residual stress analyzer.

This is non-destructive measurement system for residual stress, retained austenite, FWHM based on X-ray diffraction technique, and excellent for portability, reliablity, safety, operability, cost and etc.



  • The world’s lightest and smallest
  • Able to measure in pipes with internal diameters down to 170mm wide
  • Easy to carry anywhere


  • Low operational power 30KV & 1.5mA
  • Scattered X-ray radiation is same level as nature level when 3 meters away from the sensor unit. (in use with standard collimator)
  • Simple air cooling system


  • Reliable measurement by cos α method
  • Easy position setting by single incident angle measurement
  • Detecting 500 points data from the complete Debye ring
  • High repeatability

X-Ray tube exchange

  • Possible to exchange the tube by customer. 5 types of X-ray tubes, ‘Cr, V, Cu, Co, and Mn’ are available


  • Easy operation
  • Easy sample positioning

Certification of standard

  • CE marking

Measurement speed

  • 60 secs / measurement point


  • Plastic forming. (Rolling, pressing, molding)
  • Thermal treatment. (Quenching, annealing, sub-zero treatment)
  • Surface reformation. (Shot peening, shot blasting, laser shot peening)
  • Domestic/Overseas universities and public research institutions
  • Process improvements, quality control, yield improvement, equipment durability check, remaining life assessment of infrastructure, etc.

Demonstration video

  • Metallic processing. (Welding, cutting, grinding)
  • Maintenance of plant and infrastructure. (Stress corrosion cracking, monitoring
    aging effects)