Optical Media is BOPTECHs main area of expertise. We have more than 13 years of experience in the field, both in Sales and Technical related matters. With our broad knowledge of Optical Media, we can provide a complete solution for your company in terms of quality control throughout the entire production line.

BOPTECH is European agent for Pulstec Sales and Service. The long relationship with Pulstec gives us the opportunity to offer world leading test equipment for BD manufacturers and also the best technical support in the industry. Our service department offers Original SDP spare parts for AudioDev DVD Cats and Datarius test equipment. Thanks to our worldwide exclusivity for Pulstec SDP spare parts, together with experienced technicians, we offer world leading DVD service. Besides this, we can also repair AudioDev BD Cats, AudioDev DVD Cats 4x, AudioDev CD Cats and Datarius CD testers.

We also have a wide Global Network for Sales and Service, stretching all over the world. BOPTECH is also offering various refurbished BD, DVD & CD quality control equipment from brands like Pulstec,AudioDev and Datarius. All our refurbished equipment are newly Serviced and sold with Warranty, giving you as manufacturer less worries.

Blu-ray Equipment

Pulstec Master Series

The Pulstec MASTERs are used by various customers, from different fields such as disc manufacturers, drive manufacturers, PC manufacturers, system integrator, and material manufacturers. More than 200 sets of the High End Testers have been delivered all over the world and their achievements have led to our customers’ selection of the MASTER.

Stamper Evaluation System

The Pulstec BD Stamper tester is designed for reliable performance and excellent measurement accuracy. This tester has the same components as in the entire MASTER series, which means excellent correlation between all different mastering and production testers. It is also capable of measuring BD replicas. Mastering manufacturers like Singulus & Sony are using this tester to optimize their BD Mastering units.