About Us

Boptech was founded by Boris Poscic with the goal of helping companies grow internationally. With 11 years of experience doing global business, he knows how to open doors for you. He work closely with country governments, trade associations and local businesses. His unique business network is helping companies achieve their goals – an extensive network that can be made available for you.

Through our technology company, Boptech, we offer products and services in optical application and disc. This includes sales of new and refurbished CD, DVD and Blu-ray equipment, along with service of existing equipment.

We utilize our extensive network to further grow the business of our clients. We have direct contacts with trade associations, embassies, and chambers of commerce around the world.

Boptech is a multifaceted company that apart from aiding businesses in their development have many years of experience in various technology fields, including optical media and solar power.