Business Development

Business Development is essential to all companies, both new and established, in order to develop and maintain a competitive edge on the market. At BOPTECH we know how to open doors for you. We constantly gauge the local markets with the goal of finding new business opportunities that can be useful to our clients. This process may include discovering new sales channels or even new markets, widening your business potential.

We work closely with country governments, trade associations and local businesses. Our unique business network is helping companies achieve their goals – an extensive network that can be made available for you.If you are interested in business development, aimed at entering new markets, increasing market coverage or any other development, please contact us for specific information of how we can help your particular business.
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Optical Media

Optical Media is BOPTECHs main area of expertise. We have more than 23 years of experience in this field, both in Sales and Technical related matters. With our broad knowledge of Optical Media brands like Pulstec and AudioDev, we can provide a complete solution for your company in terms of quality control throughout the entire production line.

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