Since the new camera surveillance law came into force in 2013, more and more companies and private persons have been interested in the benefits of camera surveillance as protection against burglary.

A camera surveillance alarm is the best tool to counter burglary, theft and damage, while reducing the risk of fire, threats and violence.

Should anyone, despite the surveillance, make a burglary attempt, our alarm center can follow the perpetrator live and provide the guard and police with valuable information prior to an arrest.

The recording is also stored in HD quality, with both you and us, which becomes important evidence for identifying and mapping events.

Partizan is European brand created in 2008.

  • We produce equipment and develop software for modern security systems.
  • We provide optimal solutions for a wide range of tasks and users thanks to the high quality and attractive price.
  • Partizan is not just an unusual name in a beautiful package.
  • At home or in the office, at work or in the bank, Partizan will be the best choice as you pay for only what you really need!