Deep vacuum processes enable the making of ultra-pure metal depositions on substrates that in turn allows further downstream processing or introduces needed films for the functionality of the device itself. Our Vacuum Deposition systems are built around quality stainless steel vacuum chambers and use premium quality vacuum generation equipment. Thermal and Ebeam evaporative processes as well as Sputtering ones can be offered for a variety of deposition materials.

Our Vacuum Deposition processes are fully automated and optimized to deliver optimum coating uniformities. Depending on application needs, deposition rates and absolute thickness measurements can be done real time, allowing the dynamic control of the power supply and source utilization for sensitive materials or strict film manufacturing control.

Turbo Molecular Pumping Station
Cryogenic Pumping Station
Custom Made Magnetron Drives
Loadlock and Chamber View Ports
Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitor

Wet chemical processing is integral part of all Semiconductor and Organic electronics manufacturing. Delivering coating uniformities that can reach 1nm in variation, spin-coating is probably the single most frequently used part in all thin film production tools. Perfectly engineered to handle operation in light vacuum, atmospheric and noble gas environments, our coating stations deliver precision coating at the most competitive price.

All tools are built with highest quality TEFLON and Stainless Steel components, and use state-of-the art motion, control and automation electronics, to deliver contaminant-free and perfectly uniform coatings for your process. Up to 256 different recipes can be individually programmed, each with different speed, acceleration, timing and chemical dispensing sequences, making our coating stations one of the most flexible available in the market.

Chemical Dispensing Systems
Liquid Filtration Tools
CGBOX HMI Control Integration
Precision Vacuum Chucks
Film Uniformity Quality Control

Substrate Cleaning is usually the first step of any manufacturing process and most of the times key to the quality and the yield of your production. Cleaning stations are critical parts of the production chain, even though sometimes overlooked. Processing methods vary from simple DI spay stations for particle removal and humidity adjustment, to multistep-complex chemical and mechanical procedures.

Depending on the substrate used and your process details, we provide a large portfolio of equipment and know-how to meet the most demanding cleaning applications including ultrasonic and high pressure water jet systems. Using advanced control electronics, we offer easy cleaning recipe integration to our systems, even for cleaning processes with more than 1024 steps involving all available cleaning equipment.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tools
High Pressure Water Jet Noozles
PVA Brushes of Configurable Shape
Chemical Cleaning Heads
Double Side Cleaning Systems

GBOX Workstations are modular, custom designed process chambers to host an extended series of sub-assemblies and process stations for technically demanding applications. Designed to meet any environmental condition your process needs: Vacuum, Clean-room, Nobel gas and combinations of these, GBOX can house Wet and Dry process station, integrating a full production line in-a-cell.

GBOX Workstations can be fully automated, with robotic substrate handlers, or partially automated with the process stations be electronically controlled, and substrate handling to be done manually with ideally matched (to every design) gloveports. This options allows you to best plan your investment for the various stages of your process development, enabling your equipment to grow along with your company needs.

Robotic Substrate Handling System
High Efficiency Particle Filtration
Chamber Pressure Regulator
Nitrogen Process Controller
Oxygen Concentration Monitor

Our Precision Bake station is a multi-type, high quality Hotplate unit that meets all PRE and POST bake processing needs. With a typical <0.1oC temperature variation across its full active area of (up to) 8”, our bake stations meet and exceed all precision baking demands of the Semiconductor and Organic Electronics industry.

Possible to bake glass, silicon and quartz wafers in contact with the plate or in proximity, different substrates and processes can use the same bake station, allowing substantial cost savings in industrial installations, while allow experimental flexibility for process optimization in laboratory environments. Using advanced control electronics, proximity bake can be done by lift pins or gas, as a standard method or part of the process that involves all different steps and types of baking.

SS, Cooper or Ceramic Surfaces
Ceramic Pins for Proximity Bake
Vacuum compatible Chucks
Process Exhaust Integration
Gas Proximity Baking Tools